Burden (a poem)

Take that little piece

It’s okay

Take it

Take it far away from me

Keep it

Burn it

Throw it away

I don’t care

Just take it with you

I don’t want it anymore

It’s such a burden

Such a heavy thing to carry around

You know?

Like an albatross around my neck

A ball and chain

That thing I never noticed

Suddenly became everything to me

Such a noticeable thing I can’t go a day without thinking of

There is always a reminder

Here, there


I can’t get away

So take it

Let your pets eat it

Stomp it under your Converse shoes

Damnit, I don’t care

Just don’t let me keep it

Make me one promise once you have it

Whatever you do with it

Don’t take it for granted

It’s such a burden to have

A heart in love

A Century (a poem)

I thought I was mistaken

Never thought I’d see you again

I watched you die

Slowly, your mortal body

Wilted before my undying eyes

I walked away

Didn’t have the courage to change you

Didn’t have a heart to watch your smile

The light in your eyes

Fade away

When you left you took

A little piece of me

Away with you to Heaven

You promised me you’d see me again

Baby, I just wonder when?

Because immortality is no fun

If I can’t spend it with you

And now you’re here

Back again

But you’re not the same

You don’t know me anymore

A familiar face, the same place

But a different heart inside

A century went by

I barely noticed

Missing you

And now I miss you more

You’re here but you’re not the man I knew

Your heart is hardened

And I don’t know what to do

Can I make your mortal heart open up?

Can you make my immortal soul love again?

Masks (a poem)


I remember a time when
I hid behind a mask
Just so you would
Notice me
A new shade of hair
A new name

I know now what a fool I was
You didn’t notice me
You didn’t care
You left without a goodbye
You left without a care

Now you say you miss it here
Now it’s too late
You can’t have what you threw away
Be it a city
A career
A person

I am a person
I am who I am
And I know now that
I will never hide behind a mask again

Heartfelt Heroism (a poem)

They say

The true meaning of

A hero is…

To die so that others can live

Love is…

To care for another’s happiness

More than your own

Life cannot be only

This self-sacrificing charade

We live for others

More than ourselves

Their pains hurt us

Their woes devastate us

But it is not our choice

We were born like this

To hold other’s closer than we hold ourselves

To feel what they feel

To try and ease their suffering

Before our own

While we might not understand it

We cannot turn it off

We must embrace it

And hope that we can help

And be all that we can be

All that we were created to be

#PoetryMonth: a poem by @LilyLuchesi

Lily Luchesi:

Check out my new poem, exclusively for Poetry Month!

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Blank paper is never my soul
Empty is something I don’t know
That’s why I write
To fill the empty void
To mar the pure whiteness of
The paper, the screen
To make it mean something
To make you feel something
I write for me
I write for you
I write because
If I don’t I just might
Too many emotions
To many words
Can’t keep the inside
Have to let them out
I can tell you
So I’ll write them here
Art is my addiction
Words are my weapons
My heart is full
My mind is bursting
Let me please
Unburden my soul here
Forgive my intrusion
Into the mind
But let me pull up a chair
Put my feet up
Here is where I’m most at home
In my own mind
With my own words

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Shine Through (a poem)

If any of you have veen helped by music,  you’ll undersrand where I was when I was writing this poem!

Through the noise
And the pain
It’s part of what kept my fighting through the rain
The screams ring still
In my ears
The end is ever drawing near
But if there’s one beacon
One thin string of light
On this Earthly plane
It’s your voice
Always able to cut through the madness
Reach me when no one else could
Like your warm hand on mine
Like a hug when I’m crying
Barely holding it together
Your art keeps me going
It keeps me strong
I’m so glad you found me
That fateful night
You’re a million miles away
But when I hear your voice
Is like you’re right there
By my side
Thank you for continuing to shine through

The Wrong Words (a poem)

Words left unsaid
Left hanging in the air
Like an unpleasant odor
Or a fine mist
So painfully obvious
Yet not acknowledged
Now you’re far away
In a new life
I wonder if I had
Said those obvious words
If you’d still be here
With me

Words spoken in anger
Not meant
Not really
But I said them anyway
You didn’t hear
But that doesn’t mean anything
I still said them out loud
Now you’re gone
You’ll never return
I miss you so much
I want to tell you
How sorry I am
For something
That you didn’t even know I said

Why do I say
Angry things that I don’t mean?
And that I can’t ever take back,
When the sweet things get
Left inside my head
Never to be said?