Endless Energy (a poem)

I’ve read the words you penned

With a trembling hand

Where were you when I needed you?

Oh yes, you were right here

Did you ever feel it?

A soul tugging at your heart?

This power is an affliction

This heart is diseased

Not with a medical condition

But with something no doctor can cure

I can’t imagine your pain

I can’t fathom a level of fear

That one day you might not be here

Whether we are thousands or merely dozens

Of miles and miles away

Hearts and souls know no distance

The condition I have is never going away

I don’t like what I cannot help but feel

The things I see that no one else can

The connections I form without anyone ever knowing

That they are there

I don’t want to have this affliction

Affliction of the heart, soul and mind

My head spins

My heart races

For no reason I can name

Because I was born this way

Born to be different

But I can’t say I like it

But this isn’t a classifiable illness

This is supernatural

So how can you attempt to comprehend it?

You can all try your best

But I shall remain an enigma to any and all of you

Because I can’t even figure it out myself

Your energy compels me

It has for many years

I don’t get it

So how can anyone else?

Oh, doctor, I don’t have a disease of the mind

If only it was that simple

You don’t know what I have

Because it isn’t in your medical books

Dig deeper

Research the things you were taught

To disregard as


Time to wake up

Endless Energy (a poem)

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