One And Undone (poem)

To read your words

To know that now we are

Back to what we were

But I’ll never know

What we could’ve been

Time has passed us by

And it’s left its mark on

You and I

But tell me that

One of these days you and I will

Find a way past the long hours

Eternities that flew by in that space of time

Find a way back to

What we might have been

Tell me, what can you see when

You turn your eyes to me

Now that the secrets have been told

My heart is clean now

But how is yours?

Encumbered by

What you now know?

Or is it all just fine?

I’ll use these words to kill the time

Until I can see you again

Until I can be sure that you are real

And that all the time passed

Might actually be


One And Undone (poem)

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