The Fight (a poem)

I’ll take the pleasure & the pain
Never give it up because
Nothing stays the same
In this world we have to fight or else
We run the risk of losing
And just playing characters of ourselves
Over & over again
The battle might be won
But the war is never over
The continuous struggle with that which we call “Life”
Lasts forever
There was a time when
We were so far apart
That’s over now
The years have passed
And you’re closer than you’ve ever been
But could it be that
I’m playing myself
Over once again?
Do you know what you do
When you look into the camera?
Do you feel me
Staring back at you?
It’s a fight
To stay alive
It’s a chance of a lifetime
To stay here
Are you lonely?
Will a night ever come when
I can hold you once again?
In this fight for sanity
You’ve been by my side
But you never knew
When your voice carries me
Through the dark, restless nights
It’s then I know that
I will win the fight for my life

(C) Lily Luchesi

The Fight (a poem)

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