Warped Tour in Pomona, California

I haven’t been ignoring this blog, I swear! In fact, I’m not going to bore you all with poetry or my sociological ramblings. I’m going to talk about rock and roll.

Yesterday, June 22nd, I went to Warped Tour. Yes, this vampire braved the sun in order to see a slew of amazing bands: Memphis May Fire, Yellowcard, Falling In Reverse (okay, they weren’t amazing, they were horrid, but I digress…), Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Motionless In White and Vampires Everywhere!. It was more than worth the sunburn (even WITH sunscreen) and fatigue, just to be sidestage for MIW and VE!.

The Vampires have been my favorite band since October of 2010, when I discovered them. Yes, they have change a LOT in the past year, but all for the better. This was my 7th time seeing them live, and Michael and co never disappoint! ❤

The Used I have now seen eleven times. I just wish they’d performed more songs from Vulnerable. Other than that–AMAZING!

MIW, TBS and Yellowcard were all wonderful live acts. MIW definitely won over a new fan.

And FIR? My ears were bleeding. Like a banshee getting its testicles removed with a rusty butcher knife and no anesthesia, Ronnie Radke made me wish I were deaf.


All in all, I had an amazing time and can;t wait for next year! Why did I post all this? Because I wanted to share my experiences with you all and hope that you will read this and go and listen to the aforementioned bands, because they, like writers, use art to survive.

Warped Tour in Pomona, California

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