Bliss (a poem)

I can’t believe
What you do to me
I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
I can’t stand it when I
Think of you
But, now, it’s all that I do
Your eyes
Your laugh
Your voice
Your strong arms come around me
It all haunts me
Where did a
“Boy” like you come from?
Did God create you
And send the angels to
Deliver you
To this undeserving girl?
I thought those stories
My mom would read to me
About princes & princesses & love
Were just made up to
Give little girls like me false hope
Now I see
They were all true
Building this path that has
Led me to you
I can spend hours with you
& they’ll still just feel like mere minutes
I heard the pain
In your voice
When you told me your past heartache
Let me promise you this
If you’d choose me this time
If you’d give me this chance
I promise I will
Cherish you like the
Priceless gem that you are
Even if you don’t
I will never regret a moment spent
With you
In my heart I know that I will
Love you forever
My bliss

Bliss (a poem)

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