Saved From The Fall (a poem)

I watched my Father fall
I have fallen like Him
I’ve been so down
An outcast
Little do they know
Our Father’s Beloved Son was the first outcast
Shunned in society because
He was poor
He was uneducated
He just didn’t fit in
But He was the one who
In the end
Died on the cross to save us
Us sorry, selfish, ignorant
Bigoted, mean, jealous
Creatures of flesh
Even with all our shortcomings
He stays behind us
Gave His life to save us
And put us in the favor of Our Lord
I am the outcast
Educated but
Poor & plain
I’m shunned in society
But God does not shun me
He does not ostracize me
And when He judges me
It is with reason and justification
I never had a father
But I have a Father
Who will never let me fall
As His Son did
He will save me
I believe
I have Faith
I am going to God
I am going to be saved

Saved From The Fall (a poem)

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