You Save Me (a poem)

How do I live fast & die young
When I haven’t really lived at all?
When my heart is young & full of brutal confusion
I don’t know where I’m headed
My sense of direction is off
Bought a one way ticket to Hell for free
‘Cuz every path leads me there
What does it matter when you’re living it now?
Feeling so broken
Waiting to see the silver lining
In the black thunder cloud of life
So I’ll let it all go
It doesn’t matter
Did it ever matter?
I can’t tell
I feel so lost
No one should ever feel this lost
Can someone tell me am I alive?
Have I lost the path to eternal Righteousness?
My Lord won’t lead me astray I know
But I may lead myself
In a way it’s what I want
And, subsequently, what I am afraid of
I’ll take a chance or two on You
Pray I’ll lead myself aright
As long as Your hand is guiding my light

You Save Me (a poem)

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