Forget You (a poem)

I remember the day I wrote this. I thought my broken heart would never heal. I never thought I’d have this person back in my life, even though what happened still hurts, though I know the reason why it all went down as it did. I’m grateful for the spirit of forgiveness.


Six months today
Thought I’d forget about you by now
But you are still right here
Poisoning my mind with your fake attentions
I miss you even now
Half a year
Soon to be a year
It is just too much
I need to look to a higher power
Maybe He will help me to forget you
But I don’t think so
I have to help myself here
I have to forget
How wrong we all were
It was a fight neither you nor I
Should’ve had a part in
But we ingrained ourselves into it
And it tore us apart
Never to be
Together again
And when another six months go by
Maybe I’ll be able to forget you

Forget You (a poem)

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