Suffocating You (a poem)

(The last two lines I meant when I wrote them. Now, I don’t. I still love that same person, but if they don’t love me back the way I need to, I certainly won’t be sitting around like a lovesick schoolgirl, never moving on. This was the result of a sixteen-year-old gal’s melodramatic mind, and I still love the way it reads.)


When I think of you my heart stops
I wonder if you still think of me
If you ever thought of me before
I’m so pathetic I still can’t let you go
I know you’re not right for me
But I’m holding on so tight
I hope I’m not suffocating you
But just the thought of you used to both soothe & excite me
Now it only makes me yearn for what was
I hate what is
And I hope what will be will be better
I hate myself for letting you go so easily
Won’t you come back to me?
She told me you never cared
Is that the truth
Or is she just saying shit to make me hate you?
I don’t know
I never really knew
Because I was not the one who saw you everyday when you weren’t home
I’m not the one lying next to you at night anymore
I guess I was blind
You left me for someone beneath you
And well below me
But in time I hope you’ll see
That you are the only one for me
I’ll live & die alone
If I can’t live & die with you

Suffocating You (a poem)

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