Music & Memories (a poem)

To cure this
Shaking of my limbs
This torment in my mind
This cruel anxiety destroying
What is left of my body
The doctors prescribed tranquilizers
God prescribed you
I knew
The moment I heard your voice
You were going to be
Something to me
When I’m down
You have lifted me up
When I am sick
Your words are all the medecine I need
And when I thought I lost you
You came back
The doctors, they don’t understand
They don’t get it at all
Music cures me more than any drug
Art saves me
When therapy fails
Maybe they’d get it
If they heard your softly sung words
If they had my
Maybe they’d understand then that
Music cures
Evety emotional woe
I thank God for that
Every single day

Music & Memories (a poem)

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