Demented, Sad & Social (a poem)

Just a little poem I wrote about the state of the entertainment industry & what it’s doing to the minds of the young consumers today.

Lose your mind
It’s a fashion now I heard
When I walked out the door
And saw my idols on the covers
Of those fucking rag magazines
I knew that being
Just a little crazy got you ignored
But true blowups of the mind
Got you top dollar
Can someone tell me why
Anorexia is beautiful?
Drugs are fashionable?
Booze is consumed like water?
And how come the real ones
The artists
Are virtually ignored
But socialites get millions
Because they’ve got “assets”?
Connections mean everything in this world
Beauty us the replacement
(Not just the substitute)
For talent
And I get so ill
Every time I realize
That because I’m not the media’s preference of beauty
I will never be
Accepted as me

Demented, Sad & Social (a poem)

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