New Breed (a poem)

You’re poison
You’re venom
You spread your disease through your
Eyes & tongue
A soft look
Softer voice
To lure in
The unsuspecting
Under your skin
What would one see
If I laid you down &
Performed an autopsy?
Would I see
Death & decay or
Would you be
Preserved, so perfectly?
The scent of blood upon your lips
Sustaining you
Healing you
Bringing you back to life
Time & time again
This generation its not the one you left
We don’t fear you
Most don’t even believe in you
But some…
They want to be you
Bleed for you
No more docile Lucy
Forget killer Mina
There are new kinds of vampires now
And you’re out of the loop
My dear Count
We breathe, we bleed, we die
But in the interim of
Birth & death
We take so secretly
Never kill
So you’ll never find us
We’re being you in
A new breed
A new life
Given to us by God
At birth
New vampires

New Breed (a poem)

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