Time Of My Life (a poem)

It amazes me over two years have gone by since I penned this on a hot summer day in a Chicago suburb.

I’m sitting here with my friends
I’m supposed to be having the time of my life
But all I can do is think about you
I remember your voice and your eyes
Those sad words you wrote
I hate that we had to say goodbye
All I ever wanted was someone like you
And now I see you’re broken
All alone with nowhere to go
I want so desperately to tell you I’m here for you
But you wouldn’t endure any type of caresses
Not, at least, from me
I miss you
I need you
You don’t miss me
(I don’t think so)
But I think you need me
I wanna let you know I’m here
I’m with you in spirit
While you toil & work so hard
I’m with you out there
You’re my heart
And I’m so sad we had to part
We’re a world away from each other
But the love remains

Time Of My Life (a poem)

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