Los Angeles Mist (a poem)

This poem is 2/12/ years old. I can’t believe how quickly time passes. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed rereading it.


I can see so plainly how much you hurt

My dear

Like a transparent mist on a cold Los Angeles midnight

Your cool blue eyes shine through

You’re asking for help you cannot receive

Because you’re not screaming loud enough

No one else gets it, I know

But you just need to reach out

Call a little louder

My eyes & ears are open, love

A smile is something I shan’t ever see upon your

Ethereal countenance

I need to feel you

I need to see you

But you need to find me

Because I cannot get to you

I’m ever so far

But I’m your ever-loving

I hurt when I know you are hurting

Some mental anguish I cannot dispel

My love, find me

Search me out

You never really have to go far

I will always await your “call”

I can send you a cyber-smile but how can you feel it when

You’re unwilling to open up?

This is my final request, love

Wake up & realize what you have, had & could have

If you’d only look

Through that Los Angeles mist

Los Angeles Mist (a poem)

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