Your Spell (a poem)

Poem from August 27th, 2010. Time passes so quickly, it seems like yesterday that I scribed this with acid burning my heart. I can’t believe all that’s happened since and I thnak God for it every single day. ❤


Could you promise me that

I’m not going to be


Could you stay here and tell me

You’ll be here until

The end?

We never knew each other

No, not really

But I still wish that I could

Know you

Get you to know me

Understand that I’m always

Insecure and confused

Faced with a decision that I

Can’t possibly make

You haunt me daily

Those words come back to me

And sting my heart anew

But I remember

Other words you said

That break and mend

And break my heart

Time and time again

Going on without you isn’t

As easy as it seems

There’s a hole in my heart where your face used to be

Nothing will fill it

No one new can heal it

It’s all become

A mystery to me


I’m an outsider

Looking in

While you just go on

As if I never even happened

I wish that you could

Feel my pain

I wonder if it shall ever


So I can move on

So far, I’m still lost in you

In the spell of your

Baby blues

Your Spell (a poem)

4 thoughts on “Your Spell (a poem)

  1. Bunny ghost says:

    Wow that is brilliant so far all your poems have been top notch, rare to find this kind of stuff I’m definitely amazed by your vampire poem


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