Deadline (a poem)

Holding back
Holding myself in
Keeping my feelings under lock & key
Sitting here wishing
I could just be me again
I hide myself from me
From you
Give me a second chance
I’m not allowed to be close to you
I’m lonely knowing you can’t know me
How did we become so estranged?
It was something that could’ve been special
But I see my errors now
As well as I saw yours then
So now I’ll just sit here
Half-hidden in moonlight
While I watch your world go on & on
I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge your reaction
I should’ve given you time
We all could’ve calmed down
But that was six months ago
And now I’ve let too much time go by
Watching you live, strive
And fall
Seeing the errors of my replacement
I could be so much better
I was so much better
I still cry over you
Over the mistake I made
I shouldn’t have listened
I should’ve just followed my heart from the fucking start
Now I’m on the sidelines
Watching you go by
Hoping you won’t fall
Because I still love you
And I’m still invested
In your success

Deadline (a poem)

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