Gone (a poem)

Wow, this was written in May of 2010. So much has happened since then that makes this seem like a million years ago. Enjoy, readers!


So now I finally get it

I see it how you do

I’m not even there

You’ve already forgotten I existed

Pretending I never was even a tiny part of your life

But I can’t forget you

I allow myself to be drawn to you even when you studiously avoid me

When I saw how you just passed over my little note

I think my entire world momentarily collapsed

How can it be that you do this to me?

It’s just not right

My world shouldn’t revolve around you as it does

A day without hearing your voice is like a day spent in tortuous isolation

Don’t you know?

Can’t you fucking understand?

How am I supposed to reach you & explain

And apologize

When you won’t give me the opportunity?

Well, as you said

“Whatever shall be…”

Gone (a poem)

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