Bitter March (a short poem)

I wrote another version of “Bitter March” which will be in one of my “Personal Heaven” novels, but I wanted to share the original here, with you all. I hope you like it.


Trying to remember why I hated you
Trying to forget why I loved you
You live a whole other life
One I can’t ever be a part of
Trying to hold on to the good points
Trying to let go of the bad
But this pain in my heart won’t heal
Why am I thinking & trying to rationalize as such?
It’s over
And it was a very bitter March
I’m trying to wish your memory away
Because it hurts so much
To think that you exited my life so abruptly
Stops my fragile heart
How could you do that to me
In the middle of a bitter March

Bitter March (a short poem)

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