I Remember (a poem)

It was Bert McCracken who said, years ago, “I remember a year ago/The times we spent”. I thank him for just that lyric (a so many others in the past 11 years).


I remember a year ago

Yes, I most certainly do

I remember sitting there

Alone but surrounded by people

New friends, old friends

Old enemies come back to friends



All laughing and having fun

As I was

Then you had to come through

Didn’t you?

You could’ve left my heart alone

But you didn’t know

What you were doing

Did you?

How what you were about to say

Would change me forever

But really

Was it for the better?

I’ve never spent a better

Five hours

I could’ve spent

Five hundred more

In the presence of

Your company

Hearing your musical voice

Seeing your angelic eyes

Oh, how wonderful it felt to

Be back to where we were

To how we were always meant to be

But that was a year ago

Twelve long months have passed since

That day

I miss you now

More than ever

You’re so physically far away now

I should be there

With you

You should be here

With me

I’m glad the world didn’t end

In 2012

You and I have not had

Sufficient time together

Time to talk

To really reveal

Though you said so much

Secrets I’ve kept close to my breast

Time has passed

But I feel stuck in that day

The memories are like flashbacks

The very best kind

I know that if

God forbid

We never see each other again

I always have you in my heart

I hope I am always in yours

My angel

Do you remember a year ago?

I Remember (a poem)

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