Throwback Thurdsay Poem, “Love Poem”

My version of #tbt on Twitter and Instagram! I wrote this years ago and edited it, put it into “Personal Heaven“, but I wanted to give you all a treat and read the original version. Enjoy!


Let me hold you, baby, & you’ll see

Life & love ain’t so bad when it’s just

You & me

Give me that smile that sends

Shivers down my spine

Like a blanket covering me in the darkest night

Hold me so tight

My own personal strait jacket

Can you feel it, darling?

Like Hope that flies around us

Sweet as Israfel’s voice

That emits from your lips

Just say it

Just say it

Baby, I love ya

But it’s wasted

It’s too late

No, no

It’s never too late


Remember what we had, have & could have

Love conquers all

Throwback Thurdsay Poem, “Love Poem”

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