Inside-Out (a poem)

It’s National Poetry Month! As a writer and lifelong lover of poetry I want to use this month to show my apprceiation for all of the poets that inspired me. Every few days I’ll write something that has to do with my inspirations: Poe, Shamaya, Dickinson, the Brontes. etc., and sort of say why I love them and they influenced my work.

This post, however, is just a little poem from a couple of years ago. Please enjoy and share it! xoxo LL


These days I want someone to keep this secret

Somedays I want to lock myself way and hide

Other days I want to tell you

And then keep YOU locked awy

My own little secret

Kept close to my heart

You say you like the macabre

Well, see how you like it

When I show you it can be real

Not just a nickname

Or a popular term

But flesh and blood

What would you do then?

Would you let me in?

Or would you change your name

And wish you still had your old face?

No matter how I change

Or you

Or anybody else

On the outside

On the inside

We are all the same

(Or are we…?)

Inside-Out (a poem)

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