Personal Heaven (a poem)

This poem is in my novel Personal Heaven, but I wanted to share the original version of it with you all before it is published. Enjoy!


I don’t know why I do this

Staying by your side in even the proverbial sense is wrong

I should hate you

A thousand times a day I ask myself why

You shouldn’t matter anymore

Persona non grata in my life

You gave up on me a day later, didn’t you?

“Adios amigo” isn’t happening here

I stay alone in my sorrow

Still you’re holding fast to my heart

When I ask myself why

Your eyes, serenely blue, answer me

“THIS is why”

Your voice, hauntingly beautiful, sings to me

“It’s you” meaning “It’s ME”

How can I carry on this pain until I let you go?

I don’t think I can

So let me go to Hell for committing a sin against my better judgement

At least I shall have had a taste of my own

“Personal Heaven”

Personal Heaven (a poem)

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