Deep In My Heart (a poem)

I usually don’t write extremely personal things, unless they have to do with my manuscripts., but this was bursting to come out of me. I hope you all enjoy it and can feel something from it.


What is this feeling I’ve come to
Regard as an old friend
And a burden to be carried like
A mule at work
So hard to keep standing upright
When all I want to do is
Shout from the rooftops
Scream at the top of my lungs
“I love you!”
I always have
My angel
Even when we
Did not speak
Even when I think
You hated me
When I was upset with you
I never truly let you go
I never got rid of your
Image that was
Burned into my heart
Like a bad tattoo
That can’t be removed without
Immense pain and
Emotional cost
To rip my soul from yours
Just might kill me
Yes, it would kill me
To be forever sundered
I ask myself
Why did I fall for you when
I don’t think you’ll
Love me back
Like I love you
But you do care
That I know
It keeps me content that
You’re here
And I will do my best
I swear
To not lose you again
Those two years were like
Yes, long ages apart
Spiritually with you
But distanced so far
You’ve saved me in ways
I can’t even articulate
Your words
Your voice
Your eyes and your smile
God created you so carefully
And He delivered you to me
For a reason
I thank Him for that
I thank Him for you
Angel, love
Stay with me
Even just as you are
And one day I will
Admit that
I love you

Deep In My Heart (a poem)

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