I… (a poem)

{This is a poem I wrote just a year ago in response to the media’s sick obsession with the physical & material, instead of the emotional and characteristic. The last line is referring to preferring to go through and end life alone rather than with fake friends I got by pretending to be something I’m not, before anyone gets the wrong idea haha.} 


REMEMBER: “I’d rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I am not”–Kurt Cobain

I can’t be 
That person inside 
That I’ve always wished I could 
I can’t look 
The way the magazines 
And the movies 
Tell me I’m supposed to 
I’m not blonde enough for 
The one group 
I’m not thin 
Or death-like enough 
For the one I really want to 
Be a part of 
I’m not tattooed enough 
To be your girl 
Or petite enough 
To be yours 
I’m sitting here 
Just me 
Not heavy, but certainly not thin 
Not inked (a lot)
Goth, but not extreme enough 
A little cute & shy, but not feminine enough 
So what do I do? 
I can wait & 
Possibly die alone 
Or change into 
Either something I can’t be 
Or something I don’t wanna be 
I think I’ll 
Take the former 
I think I’d 
Love to die alone

I… (a poem)

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