Tattoo Of The Heart (a poem)

Hard to believe I haven’t posted this poem yet. I wrote it back in the spring of 2010 and rereading it now still makes me ache for how I felt back then. I edited this and it is now a part of the manuscript for Personal Heaven, bit I wanted to share the original with you all because I feel that it is very raw and emotional.

I hope you all enjoy it and feel something from it.

xoxo LL


I wish I could talk to you

You don’t know how badly I need you right now

I know I was awful

Call me what you will

But, damnit, I’m sorry

The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you

Tried telling you what happened

You never responded

Are you still so mad?

I don’t blame you one bit

But I wish I could explain myself to you

I miss you like crazy

You’ve become such a big part of my world

Your image is tattooed on my heart

You play its strings like a fine-tuned guitar

But I’m so far from you now

Ashamed to say I’m envious of her

Because she has you all to her own self

To have you hold her close to your heart

It’s a place I long to be

I hope one day we can put this childish stuff behind us

You’re in my heart now

And forever there you shall remain

Tattoo Of The Heart (a poem)

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