Can This Be? (a poem)

So strong

This feeling

My cold, clammy hands

Rapidly beating heart

Shaking extremities

Could only mean

One of two things

Either I am

Scared to death

Or I am

Falling in love

How could this be?

How could this happen to me?

I swore it off

I locked my heart


In a little compartment

And threw away the key

I never let anyone near it

So how did you do it?

Did you pick the lock without

Setting off the alarm?

Did you slip through the cracks

Like a vampire?

Are you just a ghost?

Haunting me?

Driving me


When I found you

It was so normal

I never expected it to

Turn into this

This constant ache in my heart

Whenever I even think about

Your eyes

Your smile

Your very being is


Stronger than Absinthe

Smoother than

The finest whisky

Can this be what I always


Can this be what the poets talk about


Can this be

My new



Well, I guess I can’t say

That I mind

Can This Be? (a poem)

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