Things I Hate About You (a poem)

This poem might confuse you if you have not seen the 1999 movie 10 Things I Hate About You (loosely based on The Taming Of The Shrew, BTW, and the film has a lot of Shakespearean references), but if you have you will recognize that this is my version of the poem Julia Stiles reads to Heath Ledger at the end of the movie.

That’s always been my favorite movie and probably always will be and this is in homage to that and, of course, it does have some personal references in it, as well. I hope you all enjoy it!

xoxo LL


I hate you
Your angelic eyes
Your sweetly wicked smile
I hate your voice
Equally as musical when you speak
And when you sing
I hate the expression on your face
When I make you laugh
When you’re next to me
I hate the heat of your skin
When you hug me tightly
Pressed so close I never want to
I hate that you say
You think about me when we’re apart
(Which is often)
I hate that you tell your friends about me
And they want to meet me
Because you say I’m so great
I hate that you call me a friend
That you joke with me
Like you do with them
Playful, like a child
Handsome, like a man
I hate when you tell me things
No one else knows
And trust me to keep your secrets
(Which I have)
I hate that I don’t know
If you really wanted me
Or was that just a
Disconcerting joke?
I hate that you told me to
Come visit you
That you want me there with you
Staying with you?
Or was that
Just a joke, too?
I hate that you made me love you
But don’t seem to intend
To do anything about it
Except make it worse
With everything you do
I hate that I love you
And I don’t know
If you love me, too

Things I Hate About You (a poem)

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