Redeemer (short poem)

Hi, everyone. I am back. I wasn’t on for a while, I know. but a death of a close friend occurred quite suddenly and it really threw me for a loop. Still not over it, but I am getting closer. I haven’t written a lot of new material, so I found this short poem I wrote in 2007 or 2008. I hope you like it. 🙂


They say I should write straight from the heart

But I’m afraid that I don’t really know how

I hid my emotions like a demon

Seeking redemption from its sins

By being an angel

But I am no angel

And I seek no redemption

All I seek

Is compassion & understanding

For merely being

Who I was born to be

And when I die

I hope I will be going to Heaven

Because I was honest in my sins

And meant no harm

But only love

Redeemer (short poem)

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