What It Takes (a poem)

[Yes, I know that this is also the title of an Aerosmith song, haha. I didn’t mean it intentionally! I get inspired by life and also by books. I just finished a Maeve Binchy novel, and this is the product of my mulling over the subject matter.]


So strange to see

The things I once saw

In another place

In another time

A year is like

A lifetime ago

A month is an


So strange that we are so close

Yet so far

Are we forever sundered?

Can we find a way back again?

Or will we just float apart

In two disparate worlds

Miles seem like


Hours seem like long seconds

Dragging on and on

Until the end of time

Your face

A new place

A new world so different from

What you lived before

A broken heart won’t ever heal

It can only be mended by

Someone else

Don’t you know that by now?

You won’t ever be well again

Until you open up again

Don’t close yourself in

Like you’re hiding your heart

Hearts are fragile like glass

They shatter

Souls can be harmed like

A thin sheen of lace

Words are like a blade

Actions can be like

A surgeons scalpel

Removing all that was once good

Replacing it with

Bitterness and hurt

Trust me

I know from

Firsthand experience

But that doesn’t mean that

Souls can’t be repaired

Hearts can’t be mended

They certainly can

But it takes time

And pain

And faith

Tell me

Do you have what it takes?

What It Takes (a poem)

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