With You WIth Me (a poem)

I can’t have you

But I can dream

And I can write

And that’s almost as good as you


Using my mind

Creating worlds in which

I’d rather live

Because in this one

You’re not really here

And that’s not right

The pain I feel

Shouldn’t have to be borne

What the Hell is the point?

The point is that

I still have my dreams

I still have my


Sometimes I’d rather

Live inside my mind

Because here without you

Seems like

Such a waste of time

Why were you put into my life

If I can’t have you?

Oh, that’s right

To inspire me

My muse

To make me write

Things like this

Things like so many others

I have penned in the recent years

How the Hell did

A human do this to me?

Make me mush inside

This isn’t me

But it is

And until I have you

For myself

In my arms

In my life

I will always be

A big puddle of mush

With You WIth Me (a poem)

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