Put It To Rights (a spiritual poem)

I am NOT religious. I believe in a God who created the Universe and I believe in His Heaven. That is all. I am a tattooed, pierced Goth who curses and just happens to like women just as much as I do men. That being said, I believe that my God loves me just the way He made me!


Emotions run high
It’s bad when the noise surrounds me
But worse when the silence fills my head
If I try to understand I only become more confused
Everything is up in the air
So bright & dark at the same damn time
Sometimes I hate being me
I need to get this down
Outta my mind
So I can clear my head
And don’t go insane
My world is spinning
Nobody can see
Those hot tears scalding my eyes
If I could right one thing
Could I put everything to rights?
Jesus has the answer
I’ll stay here & wait for His call
Give me the answer I seek
And all will be put to rights
In His wisdom
Pain will cease to exist
For I
And those I love
It will all be put to rights
When I put it to Jesus

Put It To Rights (a spiritual poem)

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