Light In You (a poem)

As I read your words it reminds me why I ever fell so hard

And still haven’t gotten back up again

I found you in the most unusual places

You found me when I needed you the most

Reading your story in your own words

So enigmatic and fragile

The story you told me

The life you lived

I read your eloquence

No one would ever guess

What the inside of your soul hides

You never show it unless it’s in the things you create

But I could see it from the very first moment

That light within your eyes

Even in a black and white photo it shined through

And touched me so deeply

You changed me into mush

I’ve heard for the better

But I say it’s for the worst

When I put pen to paper

(Or fingers to keyboard)

It is now your image that is in my mind’s eye

Everything I do

Bears a hint of you

Your soul shines through

When you write through your pain

I could feel it like it was my own

Let me take what it left and keep it

So it may never trouble you again

Let me stay with you

By your side

In your heart

Let me stay

And let me inspire you

As you have inspired me

My muse

Light In You (a poem)

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