Smile All The Time (a poem)

Funny how I can always

Spot a fake smile

On your fair face

Maybe that’s because

I’ve seen you smile for real

Maybe that’s because

At one point in time

I was the reason behind your smile

The sound of your laugh

It was like music to my ears

I can see the smile in your eyes sometimes

Sharing a silent secret between us

Kept from the ones around us

Only for us

Things you told me

In confidence

I kept in my heart

Harboring your secrets

As if they were my own

Because I knew

How they hurt you

(How she hurt you)

I know you trust me

Just like I know

When your smile isn’t real

Just like I know

When you need me

Distance never changed that

I still feel you in my heart and soul

Like I did so long ago

(Or so it seems it was

An age or two)

I was once the reason behind

Your sweet smile

I want to be the one who

Makes you smile all the time

Smile All The Time (a poem)

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