A Feeling (a poem)

“It started off as a feeling, but the feeling it started to grow…”–Bert McCracken, The Used


One look

One listen

One emotion was all it took

To get lost

In the abyss that is your soul


But filled at the same time


But I was convinced that I could

Make you whole again

In time

My conviction hasn’t wavered

I’m still standing here

You’re still far away

Just one feeling

Brought unimagined things

Into my life

That I didn’t need

i was fine before

You got here

But if you leave I will

Never be the same again

You changed me

Turned me like

A vampire turns his prey

And now I’m attached

Never leaving

Because I can’t

I’m in too deep


I never felt a thing before

Now I feel everything

Too strongly


When it all boils down to it

I wouldn’t have my life

Any other way

Than with your presence

Lighting it up

Because that’s what love does

Lights up the darkness

So you can see

So I could see

What was right in front of me

Now, when will you see?

A Feeling (a poem)

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