Longing (a poem)

Product of the mind at 3am…don’t mind me. Enjoy the emotions. xoxo


How I long to be

In your arms tonight

I’ve wanted to before but

Never quite like this

It’s like you’ve been pulling me

Tugging at my heartstrings

As if they were

Guitar strings

I never wanted to feel this way

For anyone

How did you break down

My barrier; my iron walls

As if they were simply

Papier mache?

I long to tell you

Let you know that

You’re the only one

But I can’t lose you

If you don’t feel the same

Can’t you tell me?

I long to know how you feel

About me

Tell me any way you can

A tweet; an email

A mesage carefully placed

Inside a glass vial

A message in a bottle

Send a carrier pigeon

With the words I long to hear

Spewing forth from

Your sweet lips


How I long to know

How they taste

My sweet angel

I long for you

Longing (a poem)

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