Muse (a poem)

No words describe

How you make me feel

Before I truly knew you

Before you ever knew me

I was just a face amongst many

You were just a voice amongst the throng

But you pushed through

My batter fortress

Surrounding my heart

Now anything I write

Is filled with your influence

Your pain, your fear

Your voice, your words

Your smile and your laugh

But you’re still so far

Even when you were near

Why can’t you let me in sometime?

You feel me

Like I feel you

But you fight it

You probably deny it

The pain in your voice was palpable

The look in your eyes was heartbreaking

But I am here

I have never left

Your side, no

I stood by

Waiting for the right time

But the right time never seems to come

Is it all just a

Waking dream?

Maybe this isn’t all what it seems

When I was broken you helped fix me

Held me together like crazy glue

How long will it last?

I hope

I pray for forever

Because forever doesn’t seem like enough

You became my friend

My inspiration

My muse

Be more

Muse (a poem)

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