You & I (a poem)

Tell me

What kind of world can this be

When every song I hear

Reminds me of

You and I?

Where everything I see

Everywhere I go

Reminds me of you?

The times we spent together

The laughs we shared

The confidences that you

Entrusted unto me

You made me feel something

I made you smile in return

You took me on an adventure

Inside my very own

Heart and soul

You took me on

A trip down memory lane

I swear, I could feel your pain

The hurt that dulled

The angelic light in your eyes

I could cheer you up

You gave me confidence

To be the person

God intended for me to be

I thought that

Things like this

Existed only in the films and books I watched and read

But you made me realize

They are very much real

And within my breast

The only thing I seem to write about


Is you

Because you made me love you

Do you…

Could you…


Love me, too?

You & I could be

My Heaven on Earth

You & I (a poem)

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