Loving Friendship (a poem)

You have me wondering
How long have you been sleeping?
Did I wake you?
Did you want to be woken or
Were you happy inside of your
Self-made cocoon?
I don’t know what I did
Don’t know what to do
To keep you awake
Not just a shadow of you
I want to lift you up
Where no one has before
Fill you with hope
Show you that we all have
Another chance to make it right
Another chance to smile bright
Don’t let the world bring you down
That’s no place for you
Stand up!
Show them all that you’re gonna make it
You’re gonna be the best you can
And when you feel lost
Sad or lonely
I’m only a call away
My heart is with you
I’ll be there to lift you up
Hold you close
And tell you how much you’re needed & appreciated
I love you

Loving Friendship (a poem)

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