Polarizing (a poem)

I wrote this in late 2010. Enjoy!

Days like today remind me how much I
Alternately hate & love you
Miss you yet am glad you’re gone
Outta my life
(Not really)
I knew you a year yesterday
Does that mean anything to you?
I know you don’t remember the day
But to me, it was unreal
I met my angel & my seraph
I loved your voice but it hurt to listen
I could listen to you all night
And pine for you during the day
I’m glad to see you happy now
But I loathe the reason for it
Is it normal to be so polarized inside?
Is it all right to want to be closer to you,
Yet I wish you’d never come here
I don’t know the answers
I hate asking these stupid questions
I can’t ask your forgiveness again
But I want you to say how special I am
One more time
Oh, to Hell with it!
I still want you
I still love you

Polarizing (a poem)

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