Burning Remains (a poem)

{Here is the longer version of an open mic poem I posted on Instagram earlier today. For all of you who have only read my “broken heart” poems, you might be surprised by this. Enjoy!}

Home for the dead
But no one ever visits them
Instead, they go out to see us
Broken spirits who can’t leave this plane
Leave the existence that killed them
Leave this place behind
They haunt us
They are always here
The ancient ones
The headstones are cracked
Covered in moss
Drenched in the tears of pain
The dead have shed
In the form of the pouring rain
All around us
We feel the cold of their ghosts
The lost ones
The forgotten
Who can’t remember their own names
But remember the ones who
Scarred them
Evrn in death those feelings linger
Like a malignant tumor on the soul
That’s why they stay
To make it right
To get revenge
Maybe if we thought to
Remember them
We wouldn’t have to
Burn their bones
Maybe if we thought of them
They could rest in peace

Burning Remains (a poem)

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