First Love (a poem)

I’m still in love with
My first love
Oh, I was but
A child of sixteen
But I knew
Yes, I knew I loved him
The very moment I saw him
The very moment I heard him
He did nithing but
Be the man God made him to be
And I fell so fast
I didn’t feel it happening
I fell so hard
I never realized how much it hurt
When I hit the ground
So violently
The pain was unbearable
I feel it now
Listening to words that were
Just for my ears
He holds a piece of me
He took it when he left
He is the only person who can
Give it back
But he’s holding it captive
And the worst part is
I don’t even think
He knows it
It’s been years
I’ve grown up
But still I hold fast to
My feelings for him
Because I believe that
As long as he and I both still
There is a chance that he and I could still be
Happily ever after
Because he is
My love
My heart
My angel

First Love (a poem)

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