Heart Strain (a poem)

It’s like before
All over again
Still, you’re here
But so far
You’re so far
My heart aches with the strain
Of our connection being tested
You’re pulling the fragile strings
(Tenebrous things!)
And I feel that I
Need to pull, too
Just to keep up with
Get even with you
Was I
(Am I)
So wrong in thinking
We belonged together?
Was it just a dream,
A childish fantasy?
How am I supposed to know
When I still feel
The same way
For you?
I need you to tell me
Though I guess you did already
I’m too young, I know
I just can’t accept that
How can I accept that?
I know what I feel between you and I
Can you deny that
You felt it, too?
Can you deny
My love for you?

Heart Strain (a poem)

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