The Wrong Words (a poem)

Words left unsaid
Left hanging in the air
Like an unpleasant odor
Or a fine mist
So painfully obvious
Yet not acknowledged
Now you’re far away
In a new life
I wonder if I had
Said those obvious words
If you’d still be here
With me

Words spoken in anger
Not meant
Not really
But I said them anyway
You didn’t hear
But that doesn’t mean anything
I still said them out loud
Now you’re gone
You’ll never return
I miss you so much
I want to tell you
How sorry I am
For something
That you didn’t even know I said

Why do I say
Angry things that I don’t mean?
And that I can’t ever take back,
When the sweet things get
Left inside my head
Never to be said?

The Wrong Words (a poem)

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