#PoetryMonth: a poem by @LilyLuchesi

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A Life Among The Pages

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Blank paper is never my soul
Empty is something I don’t know
That’s why I write
To fill the empty void
To mar the pure whiteness of
The paper, the screen
To make it mean something
To make you feel something
I write for me
I write for you
I write because
If I don’t I just might
Too many emotions
To many words
Can’t keep the inside
Have to let them out
I can tell you
So I’ll write them here
Art is my addiction
Words are my weapons
My heart is full
My mind is bursting
Let me please
Unburden my soul here
Forgive my intrusion
Into the mind
But let me pull up a chair
Put my feet up
Here is where I’m most at home
In my own mind
With my own words

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#PoetryMonth: a poem by @LilyLuchesi

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