Burden (a poem)

Take that little piece

It’s okay

Take it

Take it far away from me

Keep it

Burn it

Throw it away

I don’t care

Just take it with you

I don’t want it anymore

It’s such a burden

Such a heavy thing to carry around

You know?

Like an albatross around my neck

A ball and chain

That thing I never noticed

Suddenly became everything to me

Such a noticeable thing I can’t go a day without thinking of

There is always a reminder

Here, there


I can’t get away

So take it

Let your pets eat it

Stomp it under your Converse shoes

Damnit, I don’t care

Just don’t let me keep it

Make me one promise once you have it

Whatever you do with it

Don’t take it for granted

It’s such a burden to have

A heart in love

Burden (a poem)

Demented, Sad & Social (a poem)

Just a little poem I wrote about the state of the entertainment industry & what it’s doing to the minds of the young consumers today.

Lose your mind
It’s a fashion now I heard
When I walked out the door
And saw my idols on the covers
Of those fucking rag magazines
I knew that being
Just a little crazy got you ignored
But true blowups of the mind
Got you top dollar
Can someone tell me why
Anorexia is beautiful?
Drugs are fashionable?
Booze is consumed like water?
And how come the real ones
The artists
Are virtually ignored
But socialites get millions
Because they’ve got “assets”?
Connections mean everything in this world
Beauty us the replacement
(Not just the substitute)
For talent
And I get so ill
Every time I realize
That because I’m not the media’s preference of beauty
I will never be
Accepted as me

Demented, Sad & Social (a poem)

Inside (a poem)

You have the eyes of an angel
The voice of Israfel
But just what side
Does your heart fall on?
What warped thought
Does your mind possess
When you pick me up
And throw me aside
Time and time again?
I am not
A toy
A disposable thing
I love you
You love me, too
(Or so you say)
But I can’t claim to
Know you
I thought I did once
I thought you let me in
But you pushed me
Right back out again
But I’ll stay here
Because the person I know on the
Is the person I want
By my side

Inside (a poem)

I (a poem)

I can’t be
That person inside
That I’ve always wished I could
I can’t look
The way the magazines
And the movies
Tell me I’m supposed to
I’m not blonde enough for
The one group
I’m not thin
Or death-like enough
For the one I really want to
Be a part of
I’m not tattooed enough
To be your girl
Or petite enough
To be yours
I’m sitting here
Just me
Not heavy, but certainly not thin
Not inked, but that’s cuz of monetary issues
Not my decision
Goth, but not extreme enough
A little cute & shy, but not feminine enough
So what do I do?
I can wait &
Possibly die alone
Or change into
Either something I can’t be
Or something I don’t wanna be
I think I’ll
Take the former
I think I’d
Love to die alone

I (a poem)