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My Social Commentary On The Colorado Massacre

If you don’t live in a cave somewhere, you have seen the news about the massacre in Colorado. Every time I watch the news, I feel ill. I am an avid Stephen King fan: nothing makes me sick. These images and stories do. I feel for everyone who went through that horrific experience and their loved ones and pray that God keeps them closer than ever in their long road to recovery.

But there are many misconceptions surrounding the shooting, which I would like to address.

Number 1: Why was the fact that the shooter was in black even noted? He wore black because it was typical for the role he wanted to portray. He was not, had never been, nor probably would ever be a Goth. His clothes were part of a “costume”/”uniform” that he ordered online. Quit saying that people who wear black are bad guys. I have been Goth for about eight years. My grandmother was Goth. My mother has been Goth for 33 years. None of us have ever done anything wrong, legally or even morally.

Number 2: They’re saying that Heath Ledger’s role as The Joker in the previous Batman movie (“The Dark Knight”) influenced the shooter, as he allegedly said to cops, “I am The Joker.” Really? He dyed his hair red and made a comment when he was obviously already far gone in his mind and that statement makes the news? Poor Heath Ledger. He must be rolling in his grave.

Number 3: Why don’t they talk about how, when most killers are found as guilty, they turn out to be white, upper-middle-class people, usually with a very high GPA. (Well, not always with the high GPA.) When an African-American, Hispanic, Arabic or Goth person does something wrong, people boycott Marilyn Manson and do extra security checks at the airport. When a “normal” person does something, you don’t see people boycotting Justin Bieber or checking every Joe Blow who enters a government building.

This is social injustice. Instead of commenting on the above things, the news/media should be commenting on the victims, trying to understand the psychology of this man who, obviously, was deeply disturbed. It is a horrible thing to have happened, and we need to prevent it by watching for childhood/adolescent signs of depression, rage and over reclusive behavior.

One final question: I am a young Goth with piercings and tattoos, yet I also have a high GPA. Put my photo next to a photo of someone like the man that shot the theatre and ask people who they thought would be more likely to commit a murder. I can bet 98% would say me.

Think about what’s wrong with that. And after you do, think about what you SHOULD be thinking about: the victims and their families. They deserve your thoughts and prayers. Don’t waste time on clothing and hair color. Spend it on asking God for peace.

My Social Commentary On The Colorado Massacre