Burden (a poem)

Take that little piece

It’s okay

Take it

Take it far away from me

Keep it

Burn it

Throw it away

I don’t care

Just take it with you

I don’t want it anymore

It’s such a burden

Such a heavy thing to carry around

You know?

Like an albatross around my neck

A ball and chain

That thing I never noticed

Suddenly became everything to me

Such a noticeable thing I can’t go a day without thinking of

There is always a reminder

Here, there


I can’t get away

So take it

Let your pets eat it

Stomp it under your Converse shoes

Damnit, I don’t care

Just don’t let me keep it

Make me one promise once you have it

Whatever you do with it

Don’t take it for granted

It’s such a burden to have

A heart in love

Burden (a poem)

Shine Through (a poem)

If any of you have veen helped by music,  you’ll undersrand where I was when I was writing this poem!

Through the noise
And the pain
It’s part of what kept my fighting through the rain
The screams ring still
In my ears
The end is ever drawing near
But if there’s one beacon
One thin string of light
On this Earthly plane
It’s your voice
Always able to cut through the madness
Reach me when no one else could
Like your warm hand on mine
Like a hug when I’m crying
Barely holding it together
Your art keeps me going
It keeps me strong
I’m so glad you found me
That fateful night
You’re a million miles away
But when I hear your voice
Is like you’re right there
By my side
Thank you for continuing to shine through

Shine Through (a poem)

The Wrong Words (a poem)

Words left unsaid
Left hanging in the air
Like an unpleasant odor
Or a fine mist
So painfully obvious
Yet not acknowledged
Now you’re far away
In a new life
I wonder if I had
Said those obvious words
If you’d still be here
With me

Words spoken in anger
Not meant
Not really
But I said them anyway
You didn’t hear
But that doesn’t mean anything
I still said them out loud
Now you’re gone
You’ll never return
I miss you so much
I want to tell you
How sorry I am
For something
That you didn’t even know I said

Why do I say
Angry things that I don’t mean?
And that I can’t ever take back,
When the sweet things get
Left inside my head
Never to be said?

The Wrong Words (a poem)

Perfect Poison (a poem)

Your perfect concoction of
Sweet poison
Oh, how it spilled
Spills from your pretty pink lips
Like sweet nectar I lap it up
Fooling myself that it will help me
Make me better
And maybe it did for a while
But like all
Dangerous substances
It’s killing me now
Destroying me like
Fire slowly burns a photograph
Like the one we took together that first night
Smiling, your head on mine
I want to go back to that time
Lines were blurred
But you were here
Spilling your poison
Down my throat
I lapped it up eagerly
But like a drug
I’m having withdrawals
I’d rather OD on your sweet poison
Than die for the lack of it’s
Deadly effects

Perfect Poison (a poem)

Calling All Book Bloggers!

Hello! I’m writing to ask any & all book bloggers to please help out in a mass cover reveal this Tuesday, the 22nd.
It is for the anthology The Struggle, edited & created by Sheila Hall. One of my poems, “Aftermath”, is featured along with numerous other works by many writers.
This will be my first in print publication, and I’m very excited that the proceeds from the sales will be going to help struggling indie authors.

If you have a blog & can do the cover reveal, please contact Sheila via Twitter @TheDarkerFun, or comment me here and I’ll tell her to email you.

Thank you all for helping to support indie art!

Calling All Book Bloggers!