Hi, everyone! I’m here to announce that this website is moving! You’ll still be getting plenty of news and updates, even poetry, from me, but now it will be on my official website.
I’ve been with WordPress for years, and will still be keeping this site up (it has a lot of exclusive poetry), but felt I needed to move to a bigger host.
The new link is below!  I look forward to “seeing” you all there! There’s a section to see all my current work, upcoming projects, press features and ways to contact me. The only thing I have to update is my events page, which will be coming shortly.


Feelings (a poem)

Your pain
I feel it
Your smile
I want to see it
Your laugh
I miss hearing it
Your voice
I live for it

But I can’t hear it
I can’t see you
I am alone
How could you be gone
One year already?
Do you even think of me at all

Your presence
I miss it
Your heart
I want to keep it
Here, close to me
Your touch
I want to feel it

But you’re gone away
So far away
Will you ever come back home?
I miss you dearly
I love you heartily
With you in my life
I am not alone

Feelings (a poem)