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Stake Out


PUBLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT: “Death, Love and Lust” Anthology

Hello, readers! I am very happy to be able to announce my next project! I signed the contract today that my short story “The Devil’s Dozen” will be featured in the upcoming anthology Death, Love and Lust! The anthology will be published by Hot Ink Press (a sister company to Vamptasy Publishing, the company who published Stake-Out), and edited by the wonderful Catherine Stovall. It is set to release on November 14th, so mark your calendars!

Below is the synopsis of the story and some teaser images I made for it. This is my very first attempt at writing erotic romance, and I am very pleased that my submission was considered acceptable to be placed amongst some truly talented erotica writers! (Of course, this is erotic horror, as horror will probably always be my main genre.) NOTE: this story is LGBT!

All Claire wants to do is get some gas and go home. She never expected to become involved in a very deadly Friday The 13th myth with a very beautiful woman.thansbedroom devilsdozen devilsdpzenpromothanclaire

PUBLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT: “Death, Love and Lust” Anthology

Heartfelt Heroism (a poem)

They say

The true meaning of

A hero is…

To die so that others can live

Love is…

To care for another’s happiness

More than your own

Life cannot be only

This self-sacrificing charade

We live for others

More than ourselves

Their pains hurt us

Their woes devastate us

But it is not our choice

We were born like this

To hold other’s closer than we hold ourselves

To feel what they feel

To try and ease their suffering

Before our own

While we might not understand it

We cannot turn it off

We must embrace it

And hope that we can help

And be all that we can be

All that we were created to be

Heartfelt Heroism (a poem)

Pleasure/Pain (a poem)

Pierce me with your eyes
They hypnotize as you hurt me
So I don’t feel a thing
Lash me with your tongue
It speaks volumes of beauty
But not to me
Bury me in your arms
So warm and yet so cold
I’d be happy and content
To lie with you forever

Pleasure/Pain (a poem)

First Love (a poem)

I’m still in love with
My first love
Oh, I was but
A child of sixteen
But I knew
Yes, I knew I loved him
The very moment I saw him
The very moment I heard him
He did nithing but
Be the man God made him to be
And I fell so fast
I didn’t feel it happening
I fell so hard
I never realized how much it hurt
When I hit the ground
So violently
The pain was unbearable
I feel it now
Listening to words that were
Just for my ears
He holds a piece of me
He took it when he left
He is the only person who can
Give it back
But he’s holding it captive
And the worst part is
I don’t even think
He knows it
It’s been years
I’ve grown up
But still I hold fast to
My feelings for him
Because I believe that
As long as he and I both still
There is a chance that he and I could still be
Happily ever after
Because he is
My love
My heart
My angel

First Love (a poem)

Burning Remains (a poem)

{Here is the longer version of an open mic poem I posted on Instagram earlier today. For all of you who have only read my “broken heart” poems, you might be surprised by this. Enjoy!}

Home for the dead
But no one ever visits them
Instead, they go out to see us
Broken spirits who can’t leave this plane
Leave the existence that killed them
Leave this place behind
They haunt us
They are always here
The ancient ones
The headstones are cracked
Covered in moss
Drenched in the tears of pain
The dead have shed
In the form of the pouring rain
All around us
We feel the cold of their ghosts
The lost ones
The forgotten
Who can’t remember their own names
But remember the ones who
Scarred them
Evrn in death those feelings linger
Like a malignant tumor on the soul
That’s why they stay
To make it right
To get revenge
Maybe if we thought to
Remember them
We wouldn’t have to
Burn their bones
Maybe if we thought of them
They could rest in peace

Burning Remains (a poem)

Haunting Rain (a poem)

Don’t tell me you miss me
Don’t say my name
Because I know tomorrow
Will bring more of the same
With you not here
With me
This sunny LA day will
Feel much better
Awash in the rain
Of my tears
Tears of love
Of the joy I felt with you
Tears of longing
This is pain
The tears wash away
The rain
That falls on you now
How I wish
Thoughts of you
Didn’t haunt my brain

Haunting Rain (a poem)